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demi; that's DE-mi, not de-MI.
sometimes imperfection can be such perfect hell
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[53] spn icons; "heart"; spoilery

16. 23. 27.

cause every inch you see is bruised
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Just letting you guys know i'll be shutting down (deleting) this community in a few days. Please go join robot_pearls 

thanks. <3

Guys and gals (This is Lowe). I know i've done this HUNDREDS of times, but this community is dead and I switched LJ names (No point to saying that, but I thought i'd menttion it). This community will be shutting down soon enough, so please join robot_pearls and tell your friends about it!


Hey! What happened to amazingchaos?!
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demi; that's DE-mi, not de-MI.
first post o.m.g.

hey, i'm demi, and i was accepted as a member for this community a couple of weeks ago but only just got a chance to a) make icons and b) actually post them. so here i am, bearing a truckload of harry potter icons (characters and actors), most made from bases by 0oh_snap_xx.

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every move you make, every vow you breakCollapse )

-comment please
-credit in keywords (la_victorienne, camlyntaieralir, or desireerised)
-pimp desireerised
-suggest icon subjects
-x-posted to camlyntaieralir

Taking requests

The request line is now open!
Need a header? An icon? Or a Friends Only Banner perhaps?
Ask here and I shall make, if I can!
Please try to provide image(s) if you can as that makes the whole process go much faster!
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So, I dont feel like running this community alone. I'd like to hire some makers. Would anybody be interested?

Icons, and our very first. . .

Bring on the challenge! Open to all icon makers!
First annual I Challenge You contest! W00t!Collapse )

Please click this. There's something I want to show you all.Collapse )

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