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Hey! What happened to amazingchaos?!
Mood: curious curious
Music: the annual 2005


Oops! I'm sorry love, I'm still here, just using another LJ name.
mitzoo is my graphics journal, So I'll be making all icon posts and such with this journal.

My apologies for not making a post about it =(

Oh hey! It's ok! I was just curious b/c I love this place & was afraid that you might be gone & that this place might be soon to follow. =]

Just out of curiosity, will you still get my requests to this journal? or will i need to leave them in response to your new name? Just lemme know.


I still get them by email, but it might be slightly easier if you leave them on the first post on mitzoo. No problem though, whatever's easiest for you! <3

Redo of Icon # 21

Text: Sophia
Effects: I have no preference. I love what you come up with anyways!

Thanks! ♥

Icon 22

Text: None
Effects: I don't really want any particular effects, I would just like it to be cropped funky. Or whatever you think looks good.

thank you! ♥